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Exosect Moth Confusion System - POA

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Exosex CLTab is a unique, pesticide free, pheromone based monitoring trap enhancer for clothes moth. Using Entostat powder, a natural food grade product, combined with the pheromone specific to the female clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella) to create an intelligent and pesticide free system for use on clothes moth.
Unlike conventional pheromone traps which monitor moth numbers, Exosex SP Tab is an 'Auto-confusion' system which employs pheromone to control stored product moths. Using Exosect's patented Entostat powder technology, Exosex SP tab uniquely produces an automatic transfer of a confusion effect in male moths. This process (Auto-Confusion) spreads sexual confusion throughout the male moth population thereby interrupting the mating cycle and reducing the moth population.
This method requires experienced application and monitoring and the number of lures required is dependent of size and location of affected area.
Please contact us for further details and pricing (please note, price shown is for display purposes only)