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Clothes Moth Traps (10 Pack)

£49.99 (Sold out)

The ready to use Clothes Moth Trap is designed to be positioned in and around the insides of wardrobes. Male webbing clothes moths are attracted by the pheromone lure, enter the trap and are caught on the non-drying glue on inner surfaces of the trap. A patented black stripe print is also printed on the card to further increase the insect attraction.
Remove the protective paper and then push the tab through the slot to assemble. Ensure the trap location is accessible by moths, avoiding draughty areas. Replace after 12 weeks or when the trap is covered with moths. The traps can be disposed of in the domestic waste.
The Clothes Moth Trap has a triangular cross section when assembled and is made of laminated card. All three inner faces of the trap are coated with glue to maximise catch. The trap also contains a pheromone lure tablet. The trap is designed to be hung up using the enclosed string or free standing when folded.
One trap should be sufficient to monitor a single confirmed space e.g. a warbdrobe. Where larger areas need to be monitored a minimum of 1 trap per 10m2 should be used.

This option contains ten lures/trap.