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Cluster Flies

Quite often, when working on site to remove a moth problem we come across issues with cluster flies (Pollenia fly family). These pests, as their name suggests, are often found in large clusters, sometimes numbering thousands, and are common in the loft and attic spaces of properties. The warmth generated in these areas/voids mean that during the autumnal months flies are naturally drawn into these cavities and voids where they congregate in groups or clusters.


The main signs for for the homeowner are regularly finding several dead flies on windowsills in quieter rooms or on the flooring of upper level rooms. They are generally not carriers of disease but neverthless can be deeply unpleasant and can sometimes be the cause of a nasty smell. It is always better to deal with cluster fly infestations sooner rather than later as they can become a considerable problem.


We are able to offer a comprehesive package to deal with these pests - whether on a small or large scale.